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Screw HVAC Water Industrial Chiller Water Cooled CE

Screw HVAC Water Industrial Chiller Water Cooled CE

HVAC water industrial chiller

Screw water industrial chiller

CE industrial water cooled chillers

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Product Details
Water Cooled Screw Type
Cooling Capacity:
1610 Kw
440 Hp
Shell And Tube
Shell And Tube
Brand New
Dimension (l*w*h):
4900*1600*2350 Mm
12 Months
5920 Kg
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Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Plywood case
Delivery Time
30 days
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C
Product Description

Water Cooled Industrial Chiller Screw Hvac Water Chiller Central Hvac Chiller Large Water Cooled Water Chillers

Which type of chiller are the most efficient?
Chillers can be air or water cooled, depending how the heat is rejected. Water-cooled screw chiller systems are especially used for large cooling loads, more compact, less noisy, have longer operating lives, they' re are more energy efficient than air cooled chillers, because they condense depending on the ambient temperature bulb temperature.
Screw water chiller capactiy range is from 140kw to 760kw, water cooling temperature if adjustable 5 - 30 ℃. See our screw chiller catalogue for more details.
Water-cooled chiller systems have a cooling tower and use cooling water for heat dissipation which is perfect choice that use for process cooling for heat dissipation.This system includes item below.
Water-cooled chiller
Cooling tower
Cooling pump
Insulated water storage tank



Water cooled chiller widely used in different industries, precisely control the outlet water temperature from -40 ℃ to +30 ℃.

  • Plastics industry chiller

  • Electronic industry chiller

  • Electroplating industry chiller

  • Mechanical industry chiller

  • Building hvac air conditioner chiller

  • Vacuum coating chiller

  • Food industry chiller

  • Chemical fiber industry chiller

Water-cooled screw chiller specification

Model Item

Nominal cooling capacity kcal/h 1384600
  kw 1610
Input power kw 311
Max running current A 708.3
Power supply 3PH-380V-50HZ
Refrigerant Type R22
  Type of control expansion valve
Compressor Type semi-hermetic screw
  Power(kw) 155.4×2
  Start-up mode Y-△
  Capacity control 0-25-50-75-100
Evaporator Type shell and tube
  Chilled fluid flow (m3/h) 276.9
  Pipe diameter (inch) 8
Condenser Type shell and tube
  Cooling water flow (m3/h) 330
  Pipe diameter (inch) 6×2
Safety protection compressor over temperature protection, over load protection, high and low pressure protection, flow switch protection, reversed and lacking phase protection, anti-freezing protection,fusible protection.
Dimension mm 4900*1600*2350
Net weight kg 5920
Running weight kg 6330


Water-cooled screw chiller featurers

  1. Adopting high-efficiency and energy-saving compressors of world class grade brands, high-quality condensers and evaporators, high cooling efficiency, stable performance, low noise and long service life.

  2. The control system is adopting Siemens PLC controller and LCD touch screen , accurately controls the cooling capacity and cooling load of the unit in real time to achieve the best matching state, to ensure that the unit runs at the best efficiency and to reduce operating costs.

  3. Screw compressor chiller capacity control can adopt four-stage (100%-75%-50%-25%), three-stage (100%-66%-33%) or stepless control system.

  4. High-efficiency internally threaded copper pipes enhance the heat transfer effect are more energy efficient.

  5. The machine is all made of oshell and tube evaporator and condenser, the welded structure is simple, sturdy structure, high quality, compact structure, long life and so on.

Advantage​ of water cooling chiller

  • Energy-saving. Screw compressors can achieve comparable part-load efficiencies, whether you run your chiller more often at part or full load, it will save energy.
  • High-level efficiency.Water-cooled chillers are generally more efficient than air-cooled chillers by using cooling water for heat dissipation from cooling tower.
  • Continuous airflow. The rotary screw compressors have a very low internal temperature, avoiding heating issues. No need for cooling down periods or breaks.
  • No open space needed.Water-cooled chillers no need to stay outdoors in an open space with plenty of fresh air to operate. The chillers installation can be indoor, which makes them ideal for companies that don't have enough outdoor space.
  • Long service life. Screw compressors work by using two interlocking rotating helical rotors to compress the refrigerant, have simple structure, fewer moving parts and wear parts, more reliable operation.
  • Low noise. Water screw cooled chillers are quieter operation than air-cooled systems.

Chiller service

  1. All the chillers are provided with 12 months free maintenance service.
  2. Provide technical explanation, chiller debugging support, technical training and chiller maintenance guidance.
  3. If necessary, after-sales engineers can be on-site service confirmed by both parties through communication .In some areas, local dealers can provide fast and convenient service.
  4. Provide the air chiller and water chiller required parts quickly to ensure the normal use of customers.If necessary, part of the wearing parts can be provided for backup after confirmation by both parties.
  5. Chiller maintenance service outside the warranty period, life-long tracking maintenance, cost price to provide equipment parts.

How to select the model of the chiller ?

  1. We need to know the heat load of your process or chiller cooling capacity.
  2. Required water temperature, water pressure and flow rate.
  3. Application and power supply in local.
  4. Max. Ambient temperature in summer day
  5. Customized special specifications are acceptable. Contact us for more chiller Specification by number +86 13923791048.



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