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Plastic 40 Ton Water Cooled Screw Chiller 40hp Plastic Injection Chiller

Plastic 40 Ton Water Cooled Screw Chiller 40hp Plastic Injection Chiller

40 Ton Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Plastic Water Cooled Screw Chiller

40hp Plastic Injection Chiller

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Product Details
Water Cooled Screw Type
Cooling Capacity:
143 Kw
40 Hp
Shell And Tube
Shell And Tube
Brand New
Dimension (l*w*h):
1960*855*1540 Mm
12 Months
820 Kg
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Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Plywood case
Delivery Time
25 days
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C
Product Description

Water Cooled Chiller Plastic Chiller 40ton Screw Chiller Central Chiller Industrial Plastic Chiller 40hp Plastic Injection Chillers​


Which industrial applications need water chiller?
Industrial water chillers are widely used in many industries like plastic and rubber manufacturing, electronic productions, electroplating, medical chemistry, ultrasonic cooling and printing business, etc.In the plastic manufacturing process, the chillers are used to cold the molds. It can accurately controls the temperature and cooling time by providing stable temperature, flow and pressure water to the molds. An adequate cooling system is required in some of the process of the plastic industry, ensuring the highest quality final products.

The industrial water chiller temperature is from -45 to +30 ℃,  compared with the water tower, the chiller can meet the various temperature requirements of industrial production. Choosing the right kind of industrial chiller for process cooling can lower cooling costs, minimize downtime, and improve operational efficiency.


Should I Choose a Water cooled chiller or Air-cooled chiller for my plastic process?

Water-cooled screw chillers are generally more efficient than air-cooled chillers, but higher cost in installation and maintenance due to the additional cooling water tower, tanks, and cooling pump.

The water screw chiller is used for large capacity, it can be a plastic central chiller to cool several processes, in this way ,you can ruduce the chillers in the factory by using a central chiller, easiler for operation and maintenance.

Plastic Central Chiller Specification


nominal cooling capacity kcal/h 122980
  kw 143
input power kw 31.1
max running current A 70.9
power supply 3PH-380V-50HZ
refrigerant type R22
  type of control expansion valve
compressor type semi-hermetic screw
  quantity 1
  start-up mode Y-△
  capacity control 0-33-66-100
evaporator type shell and tube
  chilled fluid flow (m3/h) 24.6
  pipe diameter (inch) 3
condenser type shell and tube
  cooling water flow (m3/h) 30
  pipe diameter (inch) 3”
safety protection compressor over temperature protection, over load protection, high and low pressure protection, flow switch protection, reversed and lacking phase protection, anti-freezing protection,fusible protection.
dimension mm 1960*855*1540
net weight kg 820
running weight kg 970

Benefit of industrial chiller applications

  • Water-coold screw chillers could accurately provide the needed temperature for industrial manufacturing and largely improve efficiency.
  • Accurate temperature control capability, the freezing temperature can be accurate to ±1℃, ensure the highest quality final products.
  • Chillers can decrease equipment depreciation and degradation to cut down on operating expenditures.
  • TheScrew compressors can achieve comparable part-load efficiencies, whether you run your chiller more often at part or full load, it will save energy.

Features of water-cooled water screw chillers

  1. Adjustable water temperature: Water cooled type chiller outptu chilled water from +5 to +30℃.Water temperature and flow rate can be designated and adjustable in control range.
  2. Stable performance: Screw compressor chiller is smple structure, less moving parts, low failure rate, high safety factor, large cooling capacity.
  3. Power saving and energy saving: Screw chiller capacity control can be four (100%-75%-50%-25%) or three (100%-66%-33%) automatic adjustment ability, which can effectively save energy consumption according to the actual use of heat load, so as to effectively save energy.
  4. Long service life: Shell and tube evaporator and condenser, the welded structure is simple, sturdy structure, high quality, compact structure, long life and so on.
  5. Simple installation and operation: This 60hp extruder chiller can be a central chiller to cool several processes, easy installation and operation with lower cost. It can work after connecting the production lines with water pipes. Small size, easy to install, and simple to operate.

Water chiller service from manufacturer

  1. All the chillers are provided with 12 months free maintenance service.
  2. Provide technical explanation, chiller debugging support, technical training and chiller maintenance guidance.
  3. If necessary, after-sales engineers can be on-site service confirmed by both parties through communication .In some areas, local dealers can provide fast and convenient service.
  4. Provide the air chiller and water chiller required parts quickly to ensure the normal use of customers.If necessary, part of the wearing parts can be provided for backup after confirmation by both parties.
  5. Chiller maintenance service outside the warranty period, life-long tracking maintenance, cost price to provide equipment parts.

Industrial water cooled Chiller installation

This water cooled screw chiller system including the items below:


Cooling tower
Condenser cooling pump
process chilled water pump

  1. Install the chiller unit in a steady, ventilated and easy-installation place, avoid corrosion, pollution and weather-beaten.
  2. Choose a suitable cooling tower to match the chiller unit.
  3. Pipeline should be installed according to the dimension of the chiller. Do not reduction the size of the hose, or it will affect the refrigeration effect and increase the power consumption.
  4. The chiller unit must be installed more than 1 meter away from the wall, so that it is easy to install, maintain and adjust
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