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Air Cooled Screw Compressor Chiller Water Cooled 100HP

Air Cooled Screw Compressor Chiller Water Cooled 100HP

Air Cooled screw compressor chiller

screw compressor chiller Water Cooled

100HP air cooled screw compressor

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Air Cooled Chiller System Screw Compressor Air Cooled Chiller Water Cooled Chiller System Screw Chiller Beer Chiller


Screw compressor chiller 
Compressors are the most critical component in a heating and cooling system. There are 3 main types compressor in the industrial chiller market,centrifugal, screw and scroll. The type of compressor used in a chiller is related to the cooling capacity of the chiller itself, at the same time, it is also affected by the cost.
Screw compressors are positive displacement machines that use helical rotors to compress the refrigerant gas, available in air-cooled and water cooled water chiller. The screw chillers are compact, smaller and lighter than reciprocating and centrifugal chillers of the same cooling capacity. What's more, the chiller with screw compressor is fewer moving parts, quieter and vibration-free operation, the system is characterized with advantages of simple in structure, stable and reliable performance. They are designed for long periods of continuous operation, needing very little maintenance. Screw compressors can overcome high lift when speed is reduced, allowing energy savings without the possibility of surge as the compressor unloads.


Screw compressor chiller Specification


nominal cooling capacity kcal/h 281134
  kw 326.9
input power kw 107
Max. Running current A 243.9
power supply 3PH~380V/50HZ
refrigerant type R22
  refrigerating circuit 1
  type of control thermostatic expansion valve
compressor type semi-hermetic screw
  quantity 1
  Power 89
  start-up mode Y-△
  capacity control 0-25-50-75-100
condenser type air cooled type finned copper tube
  cooling air flow (m3/h) 105000
  power(kw) 18
evaporator type shell and tube
  quantity 1
  chilled fluid flow (m3/h) 56.2
  inlet and outlet pipe diameter (inch) 4
safety protection compressor over temperature, unit overload, high and low pressure, flow switch, phase sequence, phase-missing, anti-freezing
net weight kg 2860
Dimension mm 4400*1890*2420

Note: 1. Nominal cooling capacity is according to:

Inlet chilled fluid temperature:17℃

Outlet chilled fluid temperature: 12℃

Inlet cooling air temperature: 30℃

Outlet cooling air temperature:35℃

2. Working Range:

The temperature range of chilled fluid is from 5℃ to 30℃;

Temperature difference between inlet and outlet chilled fluid is from 3℃ to 8℃.

The machine can be used while the ambient temperature is below 40℃.


The difference between Air-cooled chiller and Water-cooled chiller

An air-cooled chiller refers to a chiller system that uses the ambient air surrounding the condensing unit to cool and condense the refrigerant back into a liquid. In other words, the air cooled chillers use fans for chiller's refrigerant dissipate heat, but the water-cooled needs to install cooling tower for operation.Water-cooled chillers are more efficient with the disadvantage of having critical maintenance demands included water treatment, chiller condenser-tube cleaning, tower mechanical maintenance, and freeze protection.


Air-cooled screw chiller features 

1. Lower installed cost.The central screw chiller system contains refrigeration circuit, reservoir, pumps, and necessary components to work for multiple process throughout a plant, less pipes installation.

2. Convenience of installation and service.This air cooled central no need cooling tower installation, and water treatment, chiller condenser-tube cleaning, tower mechanical maintenance.

3. Simple operation. No need to operate multiple chiller units for different process one by one.

4. High Efficiency.The central chiller system continuously measures ambient and process conditions and will adjust to operate in the most efficient manner.




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