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120HP Air Cooled Screw Chiller Hanbell compressor chiller 120Ton Air cooling machine for plastic factory

120HP Air Cooled Screw Chiller Hanbell compressor chiller 120Ton Air cooling machine for plastic factory

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Product Details
Cooling Capacity:
120 Ton
Compressor Type:
Semi-hermetic Screw
Shell And Tube
Aluminum Finned Copper Tube + Axil Fan
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Packaging Details
Plywood case
Delivery Time
30 days
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T/T, L/C
Product Description

120HP Air Cooled Screw Chiller Hanbell compressor chiller 120Ton Air cooling machine for  plastic factory


Working principle of injection molding machine chiller: After the plastic pellets are heated and melted in the injection molding machine and then taken into the mold to condense, the mold is opened and ejected to form the plastic workpiece. In the continuous production process, the chilled water system of the industrial chiller is required to cool the mold to reduce the plastic condensation time and improve the workpiece size accuracy, molding quality and oral quality. This is the working principle of the injection molding machine chiller.




Nominal cooling capacity Ton 103.4
  kw 346
Input power kw 111.8
Max. Running current A 248
Power supply 3PH~380V/50HZ
Refrigerant Type R134A
  Type of control Expansion valve
Compressor Type Semi-hermetic screw
  Power 49.9kw×2
  Model Taiwan Hanbell RC2-300B
  Start-up mode Y-△
  Capacity control 0-25-50-75-100
Evaporator Type Shell and tube
  Chilled fluid flow (m3/h) 59.4
  Inlet and outlet pipe diameter (inch) 5
Condenser Type Air cooled type finned copper tube
Fan Power(kw) 9
  Air flow (m3/h) 155000
Safety protection compressor over temperature, unit overload, high and low pressure, flow switch, phase sequence, phase-missing, anti-freezing
Dimension mm 5475*2200*2383
Net weight kg 4200
Running weight Kg 4400

The benefits of using screw type industrial chiller.

  1. The industrial chiller used in the injection molding machine usually uses a screw type industrial chiller.
  2. The chiller is used to cool the molding mold of the plastic processing machine, which can greatly improve the surface finish of the plastic product, reduce the surface marks and internal stress of the plastic product, prevent the product from depreciating and deforming, facilitate the demoulding of the plastic product, and speed up the product shaping, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency of the plastic molding machine.

How to choose a chiller for  injection molding machine ?

  1. The difference between air-cooled screw chillers and water-cooled ones
    The air-cooled screw chillers achieve heat dissipation through the fan on the top of the chiller. Therefore, when installing and using it, it does not need a cooling tower. It only needs a double-layer stainless steel insulated water tank and two circulating water pumps to be put into use.

    Another feature of it is that it is very easy to install. Just connect the chiller and auxiliary equipment, as well as the cooled equipment through pipes and turn on the power. Of course, the installation requirements of air-cooled screw chillers are also standardized. It is necessary to ensure that the environment is well ventilated, the site is open, and the ambient temperature should not exceed 40℃.


Q1: What is the cooling capacity of the SZAGS Screw Type Chiller Model AGS-120ASH?

A1: The SZAGS AGS-120ASH Screw Type Chiller has a robust cooling capacity, designed to meet the needs of various industrial applications. Please refer to the product specifications or contact our customer service for detailed capacity information.

Q2: Can the SZAGS AGS-120ASH be used in commercial settings?

A2: Yes, the AGS-120ASH model is versatile and can be used in both industrial and commercial settings. It is engineered to provide reliable performance in a wide range of environments.

Q3: What type of refrigerant is compatible with the SZAGS Screw Type Chiller AGS-120ASH?

A3: The SZAGS AGS-120ASH Screw Type Chiller is designed to work with several types of refrigerants. Please check the product manual for the recommended refrigerants or contact our support team for specific refrigerant compatibility.

Q4: How does the SZAGS AGS-120ASH ensure energy efficiency?

A4: The AGS-120ASH model incorporates advanced screw compressor technology and efficient heat exchange mechanisms, contributing to its energy-saving performance. Additionally, it includes features designed to optimize the chiller's operation and reduce energy consumption.

Q5: Is there any specific maintenance required for the SZAGS AGS-120ASH to ensure its longevity?

A5: Regular maintenance is key to the longevity of the SZAGS AGS-120ASH Screw Type Chiller. This includes routine inspections, cleaning of components, and timely replacement of filters and fluids. For detailed maintenance guidelines, please refer to the user manual or contact our technical support team

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