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100hp Semi Hermetic R22 Air Cooled Screw Compressor Chiller For Chemical Industry

100hp Semi Hermetic R22 Air Cooled Screw Compressor Chiller For Chemical Industry

100hp air cooled screw compressor chiller

r22 air cooled screw compressor chiller

semi hermetic screw compressor chiller

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Product Details
Cooling Capacity:
100 Ton
Compressor Type:
Semi-hermetic Screw
Shell And Tube
Aluminum Finned Copper Tube + Axil Fan
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Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Plywood case
Delivery Time
30 days
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T/T, L/C
Product Description

100HP Air Cooled Screw Compressor Chiller Industrial  chemical chiller 100 Ton Air cooling machine for Chemical industry .
The chemical chiller is mainly used for the cooling and cooling of the chemical reaction kettle (chemical heat exchanger), and takes away the huge heat generated by the chemical reaction in time to achieve the purpose of cooling (cooling) and meet the process needs. Chillers and heating equipment used in the chemical industry are often placed in flammable and explosive special places, with explosion-proof requirements. Explosion-proof chiller is a special unit developed on the basis of conventional equipment, and all components are manufactured according to national explosion-proof standards.



Nominal cooling capacity kcal/h 282080 302376
  kw 328 351.6
Input power kw 80.6 100
Max. Running current A 183.4 227
Power supply 3PH~380V/50HZ
Refrigerant Type R22
  type of control Expansion valve
Compressor Type semi-hermetic screw
  Quantity 2 2
  Power 37.4×2 47×2
  Start-up mode Y-△ Y-△
  Capacity control 0-33-66-100 0-25-50-75-100
Condenser type air cooled type finned copper tube
  cooling air flow (m3/h) 105000 122000
  power(kw) 6 6
Evaporator type Shell and tube
  quantity 1 1
  chilled fluid flow (m3/h) 56.4 60.5
  inlet and outlet pipe diameter (inch) 4 5
Safety protection compressor over temperature, unit overload, high and low pressure, flow switch, phase sequence, phase-missing, anti-freezing
Net weight kg 3340 3850
Dimension mm 4400*1890*2720 4400*2240*2720

Benefit of industrial chiller for Chemical industry

  • 1. Chemical reaction cooling In the process of chemical production, chemical reactions are often required, and the reaction process will generate a large amount of heat. It is necessary to provide low-temperature cooling water to control the reaction temperature, prevent the reaction from getting out of control, and ensure the purity of the reactants and products. the quality of.
    2. Cooling of production equipment In the process of chemical production, various equipment are needed to process and transfer substances. These equipment will generate heat, and the equipment needs to be cooled by providing low-temperature cooling water to ensure the normal operation and extended use of the equipment. life.
    3. Dissolution and crystallization In the process of chemical production, substances often need to be dissolved and crystallized. These processes require controlling temperature and humidity, and ensuring the purity and quality of the product. Industrial chillers can provide low-temperature cooling water to control these processes and ensure product quality and safety.

Why Choose Anges Air Cooled Screw Chiller?

  1. Anges air-cooled screw chillers is ideal for commercial and industrial facilities. It can generate chilled water temperature between -25 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.
  2. Air cooled chiller is powered using a semi-hermetic screw compressor and comes with the SIEMENS PLC controller.
  3. Anges Chiller has more than 20 years of industry experience when it comes to the manufacture of chiller systems in China. Thus, we are the one-stop solution for your chiller requirements.
  4. Air cooled screw  chiller system offers easy installation, easy maintenance, and quality design.
  5. If you have more questions about water chillers, free to contact us.

The benefits of using air-cooled chillers:

  1. No cooling towers.
  2. Better environmental stability-no water wastage.
  3. Low maintenance costs.
  4. Easier to operate and control-tower freezing and tower bypass absent.
  5. Chemical costs avoided.
  6. Water costs avoided, especially in cities.



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100hp Semi Hermetic R22 Air Cooled Screw Compressor Chiller For Chemical Industry 1











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