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30 Ton Air Cooled Inverter Chiller 30hp Portable Water Chiller

30 Ton Air Cooled Inverter Chiller 30hp Portable Water Chiller

30 Ton Air Cooled Inverter Chiller

Air Cooled Inverter Chiller 30hp

30 Ton portable water chiller

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Inverter Scroll Chiller
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30Ton Air Cooled Chiller Inverter Chiller 30hp Portable Water Chiller 30ton Air Chiller System Frequency Power Chiller


Industrial Air Cooled Chiller Applications

The function of an industrial chiller is to move heat from process equipment or product, it's work for different applications including injection molding, extrusion molding, blowing molding, tool and die cutting, food and beverage, chemicals, laser cutting, printing,grinding/sand miller, hydrogenation process, waterjet cutting and so on.

The air cooled inverter chiller unit is a packed systems, including stainless steel #304 water tanks, pumps, the installation is relatively simple, and the installation and maintenance cost is lower.This inverter chiller use inverter compressor which can continuously monitors the heat load and adjusts the compressor speed for peak efficiency and temperature control.


Air Cooled Inverter Chiller Specification


Nominal cooling capacity Low frequency kcal/h 20250
  High frequency kcal/h 72899
  Low frequency kw 23.55
  High frequency kw 84.77
Input power Low frequency kw 12.29
  High frequency kw 29.07
Power supply Variable frequency power supply
Refrigerant Type R410a
  Type of control Electronic expansion valve
Compressor Type Hermetic motor driven compressor
  Low frequency power( kw) 6.45
  High frequency power (kw) 23.23
Condenser type Finned copper tube +low noise outer rotor fan
  power (kw) 1.84
  Cooling air flow (m3/h) 30000
Evaporator Type Water tank with coil
  Chilled water flow(m3/h) 14.61
T Tank volume(L) 460
  Inlet and outlet pipe caliber(inch) 2-1/2
Pump Power (kw) 4
  Lift(m) 22
Safety protection compressor over temperature, over current, high and low pressure, over temperature, flow switch, phase sequence, phase-missing, exhaust overheating, anti-freezing
Dimension mm 2150*1480*1950
Weight kg 1300


Air Cooled Inverter Chiller Features and Benefits

  1. Energy saving. Inverter technology can ensure the best chiller performance. Chillers are able to run according to the heat load by adjust the speed of the compressor’s motor continuously which can result in consistent saving in operating costs.
  2. Rapid cooling.Inverter chiller can run the compressor at high speed. As a result, it can cool water faster.
  3. Accurate temperature control. Advanced DC frequency conversion control technology is adopted to achieve high control accuracy, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.1℃-±0.2℃.
  4. Low starting current.Frequency conversion soft start reduce the the impact of the power grid start, reduce the power distribution costs, safe and reliable in operation.
  5. Low noise operation.The inverter chiller runs at low speed, the compressor is also comparatively silent.

Brief comparison between Air cooled chiller and Water cooled chiller

No. Content comparison Air cooled chiller Water cooled chiller Remark
1 Capacity 1 to 200 tons(3.2kw to 700 kW) 4 to 485 tons(3.2kw to 1700 kW) Water cooled chiller has larger cooling capacity and smaller volume
2 Installation Good ventilation is required for heat dissipation Need to install cooling tower and cooling pump,higer installation cost and waste water  
3 Energy efficiency Lower Higher  
4 Maintenance Fan maintenance and cleaning condenser dust Needs water treatment, chiller condenser-tube cleaning, tower mechanical maintenance  
5 Level of noise Higher Lower  


How to select the model of the chiller ?

  • We need to know the heat load of your process or chiller cooling capacity.
  • Required water temperature, water pressure and flow rate.
  • Application and power supply in local.
  • Max. Ambient temperature in summer day
  • Customized special specifications are acceptable. Contact us for more chiller Specification by number +86 13923791048.



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