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25HP Low Temp Chiller Industrial Glycol Chiller System

25HP Low Temp Chiller Industrial Glycol Chiller System

25HP low temp chiller

low temp chiller Industrial

25HP industrial glycol chiller system

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Product Details
Cooling Capacity:
12.29 Kw At Water Outlet -25 ℃
Piston Compressor
Finned Copper Tube
Plate Heat Exchanger
Glycol Water Chiller
Glycol Beer Chiller, Low Temperature Chiller For Soft Drinks Containing Carbonic Acid Gas
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Plywood case
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25 days
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Product Description

Glycol Chiller Glycol Water Chiller Low Temperature Chiller Glycol Cooling System Low Temperature Cooling Process Chiller
What is a Glycol Chiller?
A glycol chiller is a chilling system that uses a percentage of glycol mixed with water to create chiller circulation liquid temperature far beyond the freezing point of water(temperature below 0 degrees). The antifreeze nature of glycol ensures that the chiller circulation liquid temperature (coolant) remains in a fluid state in order to reach its low cooling points.
The water's freezing point is 0 ℃(32°F), when a glycol-water mixture is altered, the freezing point of the coolant also changes.
From the above analysis, it’s clear that glycol chiller is more suitable for process cooling requires for low-temperature.


Glycol Chiller system
The two types of glycol are ethylene glycol based or propylene glycol based. The industrial glycol chiller water is between 0℃ to -40℃ and the chiller coolant will be transported to the equipment or products that need cooling through chiller pump.
Air-cooled chiller is built-in insulation water tank and water pump, no need to add another cooling tower to heat. It is very easy to install and move. But it has high requirements on the working environment. It is cooled by hot air circulation, so if the ventilation effect of the installation workshop is not good, it will directly affect the refrigeration effect of the chiller.
Industrial glycol water chiller unit is used to cool the hot parts of the equipment, so that the equipment can work normally at low temperature. Used in Beverage filling, spindle cooling, CNC machine tools, grinding miller, reaction system, welding machine, cutting machine and other equipment, temperature adjustment range can be 40 degrees below zero.




nominal cooling capacity kcal/h 10570
  kw 12.29
input power kw 22.55
power supply 3PH~380V 50HZ
refrigerant type R404a
  type of control expansion valve
compressor type hermetic scroll(piston)
  power(kw) 18.75
condenser type finned copper tube + low noise outer rotor fan
evaporator type Plate heat exchanger
  chilled fluid flow (m3/h) 5.94
  inlet and outlet pipe diameter (inch) 2-1/2
pump power (kw) 2.2
  lift(m) 20
safety protection compressor over temperature, over current, high and low pressure, over temperature, flow switch, phase sequence, phase-missing, exhaust overheating, anti-freezing
dimension mm 2000*1130*2000
weight kg 920

The nominal cooling capacity is according to: Inlet chilled fluid temperature: -20℃,outlet chilled fluid temperature: -25℃Note: 
Features of glycol cooling system

  • The glycol small water chiller use semi-closed piston compressor, high refrigeration efficiency, excellent performance.
  • Glycol solution can be used as a secondary refrigerant. The industrial glycol chiller outlet temperature of chilled water can reach -40 ℃.
  • The COP efficiency of air cooled glycol water chiller is about 2.6-3.3. According to the industrial needs, it can be refrigerated or heated, which is more used in general laboratories and small production lines.
  • The COP efficiency of water-cooled chiller is relatively high, about 4-5.5, which is used in industrial process cooling and large-scale construction projects.
  • Compared with the high efficiency wate cooled chiller, the air-cooled chiller is only different from the condenser. The low-temperature air-cooled chiller dissipates heat directly through the fan, while the water-cooled chiller takes away the heat from the condenser through cold water and dissipates heat through the cooling tower.
  • The water cooled low temperature water chiller can only refrigeration, if the need for heating, need other heating equipment.

The proportion of Ethylene Glycol Aqueous Solution of glycol water chiller unit

Operating temperature Concentration Density Specific heat capacity Heat conductivity Viscosity Freezing point
% ×10³ Kg/m³ KJ/(kg.k) W/m.k Pa.s
0 25 1.03 3.834 0.511 3.8 -10.6
-10 35 1.063 3.561 0.4726 7.3 -17.8
-20 45 1.08 3.312 0.441 21 -26.6
-30 55 1.097 2.975 0.3725 90 -41.6


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