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140 Ton Water Cooled Screw Chiller Ethylene Glycol Low Temperature Chiller

140 Ton Water Cooled Screw Chiller Ethylene Glycol Low Temperature Chiller

140 Ton Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Low Temperature Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Ethylene Glycol Low Temperature Chiller

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Product Details
Cooling Capacity:
65.56kw At Water Outlet -25 ℃
Piston Compressor
Finned Copper Tube
Plate Heat Exchanger
Glycol Water Chiller
Glycol Beer Chiller, Low Temperature Chiller For Soft Drinks Containing Carbonic Acid Gas
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25 days
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Product Description

140 ton of water cooled chiller ethylene glycol chiller Low temperature screw cooler Pharmaceutical industry low temperature cycle
Low Temperature Glycol Chiller 

Low temperature chiller generally refers to the temperature below zero or more than 100 degrees below zero chiller. The refrigerated substances are generally ethanol, alcohol, salt water and so on.

With the continuous development trend of high-tech, low-temperature chiller is an indispensable key machine and equipment in high-tech manufacturing industry.




Nominal cooling capacity kcal/h 119196
  kw 138.6
Input power kw 111.2
Max running current A 252.4
Power supply 3PH-415V-50HZ
Refrigerant Type R404A
  Type of control Expansion valve
Compressor Type Semi-hermetic screw
  Power(kw) 111.2
  Quantity 1
  Start-up mode Y-△
  Capacity control 25-50-75-100
Evaporator Type Shell and tube
  Chilled fluid flow (m3/h) 27
  Pipe diameter (inch) 5
Condenser Type Shell and tube
  Cooling water flow (m3/h) 32.4
  Pipe diameter (inch) 5
Safety protection compressor over temperature protection, over load protection, high and low pressure protection, flow switch protection, reversed and lacking phase protection, anti-freezing protection,fusible protection.
Dimension mm 2750*1050*1730
Net weight kg 2200
Running weight kg 2430

The nominal cooling capacity is according to: Inlet chilled fluid temperature: -20℃,outlet chilled fluid temperature: -25℃

Main uses of low temperature chiller:

  1. 1, in the laser industry for YAG laser work material laser cutting processing machine equipment to carry out temperature reduction,
  2. 2, aerospace science and industry, for rocket fuel temperature reduction;
  3. 3. In the plastic manufacturing industry, the scraping of nylon clothes and pants must be carried out by the three-roll unit of a low-temperature chiller, otherwise it will cause the scraping to become paste and cause a fire accident;
  4. 4, surface coating manufacturing industry, vacuum pump positive ion surface coating is now the key way of surface coating manufacturing industry, and vacuum pump positive ion coating equipment because of the characteristics of the work, start must be very high temperature, all normal work must be rapidly reduced by the temperature.
  5. 5, the construction industry, because the large volume of concrete temperature reduction general machinery and equipment can not achieve the effect, which must be carried out with industrial production plant cooling temperature reduction, generally the application of low temperature chiller temperature reduction.

The proportion of Ethylene Glycol Aqueous Solution of glycol water chiller unit

Operating temperature Concentration Density Specific heat capacity Heat conductivity Viscosity Freezing point
% ×10³ Kg/m³ KJ/(kg.k) W/m.k Pa.s
0 25 1.03 3.834 0.511 3.8 -10.6
-10 35 1.063 3.561 0.4726 7.3 -17.8
-20 45 1.08 3.312 0.441 21 -26.6
-30 55 1.097 2.975 0.3725 90 -41.6






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