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Industrial Water Cooled Industrial Chiller 100HP Air Cooled Chillers

Industrial Water Cooled Industrial Chiller 100HP Air Cooled Chillers

Industrial Water Cooled Industrial Chiller

Water Cooled Industrial Chiller Air Cooled

100HP Air Cooled Chillers

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Product Details
Air-cooled/water Chiller/unit
Cooling Capacity:
328 Kw
R22, R134A, R407C
Screw,single Compressor
Tube In Shell Evaporator
Air-cooled Fin Condenser
After-sales Service Provided:
Online Support,Video Technical Support,Overseas Third-party Support Available
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Packaging Details
Plywood case
Delivery Time
30 days
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C
Product Description

Air Cooled Chillers Industrial Chiller Units Chiller Refrigerator Chilled Water System Chiller Hvac Chiller


Water screw chiller - efficient industrial cooling

Screw chiller capactiy range is from 140kw to 760kw, water cooling temperature if adjustable 5 - 30 ℃.The screw chiller compressor is See our screw chiller catalogue for more details.

High efficiency chiller units engineered for heavy-duty industrial applications. The units are equipped with world class components, including high efficiency screw compressors. The screw type chillers have simple structure, fewer moving parts and wear parts, ensuring less noise and more reliable operation. Stepless variable-speed control can be achieved within a range of 10%-100%, improving energy efficiency.


Air-cooled screw chiller specification





nominal cooling capacity kcal/h 282080
  kw 328
input power kw 93
Max. Running current A 211.5
power supply 3PH~380V/50HZ
refrigerant type R22
  refrigerating circuit 1
  type of control expansion valve
compressor type semi-hermetic screw
  quantity 1
  Power 37.4×2
  start-up mode Y-△
  capacity control 0-33-66-100
condenser type air cooled type finned copper tube
  cooling air flow (m3/h) 105000
  power(kw) 18
evaporator type shell and tube
  quantity 1
  chilled fluid flow (m3/h) 56.4
  inlet and outlet pipe diameter (inch) 4
safety protection compressor over temperature, unit overload, high and low pressure, flow switch, phase sequence, phase-missing, anti-freezing
net weight kg 3340
Dimension mm 4400*1890*2720

Air-cooled screw chiller featurers

  1. Adjustable water temperature: Air cooled Screw chillers are large cooling capacity from 120kw and 760kw. The chilled water temperature provided is within a range of 5℃-30℃.
  2. Stable performance: This chiller used two compressors, and each compressor has an independent refrigeration circuit. All compressors are under the command of a unified microcomputer control system, which can be turned on and off one by one without interfering with each other. The machine is all made of original and genuine products, single machine failure rate is very low. Considering the above reasons, the machine can be guaranteed to have a highly stable performance.
  3. Power saving and energy saving: Screw chiller compressor capacity control can be used in four stages (100%-75%-50%-25%) or three stages (100%-66%-33%) and no stage control system in the best working condition, so as to effectively save energy.
  4. Long service life: Shell and tube evaporator and condenser, the welded structure is simple, sturdy structure, high quality, compact structure, long life and so on.
  5. Lower installation cost : Air-cooled screw chiller does not need to be equipped with cooling pump, cooling tower and other auxiliary equipment, can save a lot of materials and engineering installation costs, and even do not need to set up the machine room.
  6. Simple operation: Air-cooled screw chillers equipped with man-machine interface equipped with large screen touch screen, to realize man-machine intelligent dialogue. Multi-language display of unit running status, automatic detection of unit failure, convenient operation and management.

Benefit of industrial chiller applications

  • Provide constant temperature and constant water flow chilled water to the production line, to increased production speed and ensure efficiency production.
  • Accurate temperature control capability, the freezing temperature can be accurate to ±0.1, to ensure the highest quality final products.
  • The cooling fluid is recirculated to reduce waste and cost.
  • Water chiller systems prevent damage to heat-sensitive industrial components preventing undesirable repair downtime that might slow or even halt production altogether.

About the Air cooled screw chiller

  • Air cooled chillers cost less to install no need cooling tower.
  • Air cooled chillers require less space, they can sit on the roof and do not need a mechanical room. 
  • Air cooled chillers require less maintenance compared to water cooled chillers.
  • Air cooled chiller systems are much simpler design and easier to operate.


  • Air cooled chillers sit outside the building, their fans and compressors will create noise which the surrounding areas might be able to hear, although some measures can be implemented to reduce this
  • Air cooled chillers typically do not have as long a service life as water cooled chillers because they are exposed to the sun, rain, frost, snow and wind which deteriorate the materials.
  • Air cooled chillers can suffer from damage, blockages and re-circulation issues.

Water chiller service from manufacturer

  1. All the chillers are provided with 12 months free maintenance service.
  2. Provide technical explanation, chiller debugging support, technical training and chiller maintenance guidance.
  3. If necessary, after-sales engineers can be on-site service confirmed by both parties through communication .In some areas, local dealers can provide fast and convenient service.
  4. Provide the air chiller and water chiller required parts quickly to ensure the normal use of customers.If necessary, part of the wearing parts can be provided for backup after confirmation by both parties.
  5. Chiller maintenance service outside the warranty period, life-long tracking maintenance, cost price to provide equipment parts.

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