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10 Ton Water Cooled Portable Chiller

10 Ton Water Cooled Portable Chiller

10 Ton water cooled portable chiller

water cooled portable chiller 10 Ton

10 Ton industrial water chiller machine

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Inverter Chiller

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Product Details
Water Cooled Inverter Chiller
R134, R407c, R410a
Cooling Capacity:
Compressor Type:
Inverter Scroll Chiller
2bar- 6bar
Shell And Tube
Shell And Tube ,Plater Heat Exchanger
Industrial Cooling Solutions
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Minimum Order Quantity
Delivery Time
25 days
Product Description

Inverter Type Water Chiller Water Cooled Chiller Portable Chiller 10 Ton Water Chiller VFD Chiller


About the inverter chiller

Inverter Compressor Chiller- Variable frequency, high efficiency,energy saving and consumption reduction.

With Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology, chillers are able to match the varying load requirements to control running speed, regardless of requirement. By using the inverter compressor solutions, significant energy savings can be achieved compared to traditional on-off compressors or mechanically-modulated technologies.




Nominal cooling capacity Low frequency kcal/h 7393
  High frequency kcal/h 26614
  Low frequency kw 8.6
  High frequency kw 30.95
Input power Low frequency kw 3.23
  High frequency kw 7.74
Power Variable frequency power supply
Refrigerant Type R410a
  Type of control Electronic expansion valve
Compressor Type Hermetic motor driven compressor
  Low frequency power( kw) 1.73
  High frequency power (kw) 6.24
Condenser Type Shell and tube
  Cooling water flow (m3/h) 6.4
  Inlet and outlet pipe caliber(inch) 1-1/2
Evaporator Type Water tank with coil
  Chilled water flow (m3/h) 5.3
T Tank volume(L) 180
  Inlet and outlet pipe caliber(inch) 1-1/2
Pump Power (kw) 1.5
  Lift(m) 20
Safety protection compressor over temperature, over current, high and low pressure, over temperature, flow switch, phase sequence, phase-missing, exhaust overheating, anti-freezing
Dimension mm 1320*710*1320
Weight kg 430


Features and benefits

  1. Energy saving. Inverter technology can ensure the best chiller performance. Chillers are able to run according to the heat load by adjust th speed of the compressor’s motor continuously which can result in consistent saving in operating costs.
  2. Capacity modulation adapts motor speed to vary load continuously, quickly, and smoothly for great comfort and reliability.
  3. Accurate temperature control. Advanced DC frequency conversion control technology is adopted to achieve high control accuracy, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.1℃-±0.2℃.
  4. Low starting current.Frequency conversion soft start reduce the the impact of the power grid start, reduce the power distribution costs, safe and reliable in operation.
  5. Low acoustic level with variable-speed technology
  6. The COP efficiency of water-cooled chiller is relatively high, which is used in industrial process cooling and large-scale construction projects.

Chiller service

We are industrial chiller manufacturer, chiller service can be online support, video technical support, site service in some areas are available.

Site service will be done by our water chiller distributor, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, United States, Israel, Egypt and so on.


What we will do before chiller delivery ?
1.After industrial chiller assembly, we will charge nitrogen for pressure maintaining testing for 24hrs, to check whether there is leakage in the chiller cooling system.
2.Drain the nitrogen,vacuum the chiller system and set up parameters, then power on chiller and charge refrigerant at the same time.
3.Debug and test the chiller unit.
4.After the chiller commissioning, cleaning and labelling chiller unit, then have pre-delivery inspection before packing with plywood cases to to ensure that the chiller can be in good condition during transit.




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