Difference between Air-cooled Chiller and Water-cooled Chiller

September 1, 2021


1.Different ways of heat dissipation

Air-cooled chiller will use air as the cooling medium to dissipate heating through air through finned condensers and low-noise fans, and then the air will cool the refrigerant.Water-cooled chillers use water as the cooling medium, and then the cooling water will cool the refrigerant.

Air-cooled chiller can be connected to the end equipment and no need any other auxiliaries.
While the water-cooled chiller needs a cooling tower and a cooling water pump for operation.

3.Cooling Effect
Air-cooled chillers cooled by air, which is greatly affected by ambient temperature. Especially some areas with high ambient temperature, which will cause poor cooling effects and may cause high pressure alarms because of over temperature.
While the water-cooled chiller uses water as the cooling medium,which is not affected by the ambient temperature, and the cooling effect is better than that of the air-cooled chiller.

4.Operating Cost
Water-cooled chiller is lower condensing temperature and higher cooling efficiency which is lower power consumption. In the same cooling capacity,the power consumption of water-cooled chiller is 20% lower than that of air-cooled chiller.


Air-cooled chiller dissipates heat through the finned condenser,which insusceptible to the accumulation of dirty on the condenser, so need clean and maintain regularly.While the cooling tower used for water-cooled chiller is placed outdoor, and usually needs to be cleaned after a period of cumulative operation.


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