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Industrial Chiller Maintenance


Latest company news about Industrial Chiller Maintenance

Chiller Start-up


l Please read the manual carefully before using the chiller.Installation, operation and

maintenance refer to specifications of service manual from chiller manufacturer.

l Air cooled chiller must be installed in a good environment, ventilated and keep out the

sun and rain, within one meter distance range should be clean.

l Before power on water chiller, need to set electric leakage, circuit break and missing phase protection devices.

l According to the type of plug and the power of the chiller, select prescribed or thicker wire,

and cannot connect live line, null line and earth line reversely.

l The allowable voltage variation is ±10% of rated value, for three phase power, phase

voltage unbalance rate should be within 3%.

l Before starting the industrial water chiller, please check whether the chiller water pump rotation is normal and ensure full of chilled water in the piping system and circulate in normal, then start the compressor.

l The turning of the fan in air-cooled chiller should be clockwise, outward ventilation.

l The chiller is equipped with multiple protection devices, in case of any alarm, check the machine by refer to the manual, do not boot forcibly.

l The refrigerating fluid temperature can not below 0℃(except low-temperature water

chiller) and the compressor oil is not lower than 10℃ to prevent damage due to water freezing or oily viscosity.

l In order to protect the chiller from freeze, the circulating fluid must be drained completely when not in operation for extended periods.Install an automatic exhaust valve at the highest point of the chilled water circulation line and drain valve at the lowest point of the chilled water circulation line.

l The water chiller should be maintained by special personnel. Depending on the severity of the environment, the condenser of the air cooling unit should be cleaned once every 25 days, and the cooling tower pipe of the water cooling unit should be cleaned once every 2-3 months to ensure the heat dissipation effect.

l The water quality shall meet the requirements in Appendix D of GB / t18430.1-2007. The PH value of water should be between 6.5 and 8.0.The water shall not contain Cl-, NH+, S²⁻and other corrosive ions to copper. Filter shall be installed at the inlet of water pipe and cleaned regularly.

l The product complies with the German standard of DIN8975.1-8 and GB/T18430.1-2007.


Industrial Chiller Maintenance cycle


Check the water flow monthly
Check the power supply monthly
Check the electrical terminals and electrical insulation monthly
Check the appearance and the running of the internal electric &external solenoid valve. monthly
Check and adjust the setting temperature. quarterly
Check the dry filter quarterly
Check the compressor lubricating oil level weekly
Change compressor oil filter 40000 hrs
Change compressor bearing 40000hrs

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