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Water-cooled chiller high pressure alarm


Latest company news about Water-cooled chiller high pressure alarm

When there is a high pressure alarm in the water-cooled chiller, it is mainly related to the cooling water system:


1. Cooling water valve is not opened


The water cooling unit is provided with circulating cooling water by the cooling tower. If you forget to open the cooling water valve during use, the cooling water will not be circulated to the chiller.


Solution: Open the cooling water valve.


2, cooling water flow is too small or cooling water temperature is too high


These two conditions will lead to poor heat dissipation, the refrigerant temperature can not be cooled, there will be high pressure alarm.


Solution: Check whether the installed pipe size matches the size of the chiller, whether the pump works normally, and whether the water valve is opened to the maximum position.


3, cooling water tower failure


When the cooling tower fails and the cooling water cannot be circulated to the chiller, a high pressure alarm will occur.


Solution: Check whether the cooling tower is faulty.


4. Scale


If the water-cooled chiller is used for a long time without maintenance, it is easy to lead to the accumulation of debris such as scale on the pipe wall, which is bound to affect the efficiency of the condenser.


Solution: Clean up the scale.

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