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How to Maintain Chiller in Winter


Latest company news about How to Maintain Chiller in Winter


In the summer, many factories need to run the chiller for24 hours everyday, which is very high efficiency.But in winter,many factories insome areasdon’t need chillers to cool. When shuts down the chiller, we must do a good job in the maintenance of chiller, so how to maintain chiller in winter?

Ⅰ Clean
1. Shut off the water source of the chiller, and clean the water inside the unit components and pipes to avoid water corrosion of the unit components after the shutdown or frost-swell copper pipe with too low temperature.

At the same time, the drain nut under the water pump should be unscrewed to drain out the remaining water in the water pump, so as to prevent the water system from freezing due to the low ambient temperature,and lead tothe evaporator bursting and cracking which may cause the refrigerant leakage or damage of the pump impeller and other faults.

2.Clean the fans of the air-cooled chiller and keep it in a clean.

3.Whether tank of evaporator is anyimpurity, and remove it.

4.Check the using of lubricating oil through data records, and replacing the lubricating oil regularly according to the standards to maintain a good lubrication.

5.Cooling water pipes of the chiller must be insulated which not only prevent the serious loss of cooling capacity, but also prevent the dew formed on the outer of the pipes.

Ⅱ Maintenance
1.Keep refrigerant and oil in clean and moisture-free to avoid moisture pollution.Need vacuum to remove moisture after maintenance on any part of the cooling system and before restarting work.

2.Keepclean for the in letfilter of the chiller. Regular inspections are required, especially forthe suction passage of compressor there may be welding slag and pipesrust.There are too much dirt on the suction filter, which will cause to fracture filter, and particles leak into compressor.

3.Keep clean forthe oil filter. If there is an increase in pressure-drop , it indicates that there is dirt, and it is necessary to shut down thechiller to clean or replace theoilfilter.Compressor runs under high pressure-drop for a long-term, which will cause to run out ofcompressor oilanddamage bearings early.

4.Avoid the chiller compressor from being blocked by liquid refrigerant. Make sure that there is overheating enough and the suitable suction accumulator to avoidcharge liquid refrigerant into the compressor. Liquid refrigerant will cause tocut the lifespan of the compressor, and complete damage to the compressor under extreme conditions.

5.Protect the compressor during shutdown forlong-term.If non-operational shutdown for a long term,and then the compressor should be vacuumed to low pressure and then filled with nitrogen or oil.

6.As long as the compressor shows obvious change in vibration level, noise, or performance in any time, it should be taking preventive maintenance inspections.

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