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  • Cooling Water Mar , 30 2020
    Cooling Water It is generally cooled by a cooling tower. Usually, the water at normal temperature range from 35℃ to 40℃ is cooled to about 15℃ to 20℃. If you need lower temperature, it cannot cooled by cooling tower, and need to cooled by chiller. Moreover, it can be normal temperature for water inlet temperature of chiller, and it will from -50℃ to -5℃ from water outlet temperature of chiller. So...

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  • How to solve basic malfunction of water cooled chiller-1 Jan , 03 2020
    It is big temperature difference with condensing temperature and water-outlet temperature Reason 1 : heat exchange tubes of condenser is fulled by fouling Solution 1: cleaning condenser up Reason 2 : Sensor Deviation Solution 2 : Change new sensor
  • Common Reasons for Poor Cooling Dec , 11 2019
    The poor cooling effect of the chiller means that the chiller can be normally operated , but it can’t cool down the setting temperature under the specified working conditions. The main reasons below: 1. Refrigerant leakage 2. Adding too much refrigerant after maintenance 3. There is air in the refrigeration system 4. Low compressor efficiency 5. It is too thick on the frost on the evaporator surfa...
  • Methods of Washing and Descaling of Condenser Oct , 15 2019
    The condenser is prone to scale formation after long-term using. If it is not washed of in time, the incrustation scale will affect the effect of  heat-change , resulting in an increase in the condensing temperature of the chiller, which will result in a decrease in cooling capacity and an increase in chiller power consumption. Therefore, the condenser should be frequently cleaned of scale. T...
  • R22 VS R410A Sep , 21 2019
    1.The evaporator’s heat transfer of R410 is 35% higher than R22, and the condenser’s heat transfer is 35% higher than R22 2.The circulating working pressure of R410A is about 57% higher than HCFC-22, the cooling capacity per unit volume of R410A is about 43% larger than HCFC-22, and the cooling coefficient of R410A is about 7.7% smaller than HCFC-22. The other parameters are close to HCFC-22. 3. A...
  • Relation of Evaporation Temperature and Evaporation Pressure Sep , 12 2019
    The lower evaporation pressure, the lower evaporation temperature. If the evaporation temperature of the industrial chillers system is continuously reduced, the cooling capacity of the refrigeration compressor will be also continuously reduced, the cooling speed will not necessarily become fast. In this case that the evaporation temperature will be lower, the lower the refrigeration system coeffic...
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