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About Chiller High Pressure Alarm

About Chiller High Pressure Alarm


About Chiller High Pressure Alarm

In the hot summer,it is higher frequency of using chiller, and it is also easy to appear high temperature alarms in the meantime, especially air cooled chiller.There’re two main reasons as follows:

One is related to the using environment of the chiller. For example,

chiller hasn’t been maintained for a long time, which results in serious dust accumulation.In addition,poor ventilation surrounding. These will lead to poor heat dissipation performance of the chiller.

Other one is related to high ambient temperature. Recently,the temperature in some areas has reached to 39°C or higher.The temperature has reached the critical point of the chiller's design operating range.What’s more,some area even exceeds 60°C on the outdoor ground temperature which is far beyond the normal using range of the chiller(Except chiller using refrigerant R134a). The chiller cooling effect will become worse and worse,even starts the alarm protection. This phenomenon is caused by the high temperature environment on outside,not caused by chiller malfunction.

ANGES provide some advise to this issue below:

1.Check whether the inlet air temperature is>35°Cor not. If>35°C,please install the chiller in a ventilated position,or to use exhaust fans and other equipment for ventilation.

2. Clean the dirt and dust on chiller condenser to improve the heat dissipation efficiency.

3.Set the outlet water temperature above 20°C to let the chiller’s compressor take a break for 15 to 30 minute,then set the water temperature back.

4. Check if the heat dissipation fans is running normally or damaged.

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