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  Anges Arabplast 2015 Concludes Successfully

  Update Time : 2015-1-29 15:41:42

Date: Jan. 10th- 13th , 2015
Venue: Dubai International Expo Centre (Sand No. B24-Hall 1)

Recently, the12th Arab International Plastics & Rubber Industry Trade Show & Conference in Dubai has been held successfully. As the leading enterpriser of China industrial process cooling (chiller) machinery, Anges brought two machines to the Show.

The machines Anges exhibited were 50HP water-cooled screw type and 6HP air-cooled industrial chiller. 

For in the long terms, water chiller applied in industry without any relevant industry standard for confirmation, the majority of manufacturers designed the water chiller as refrigerant standard in air-conditioner industry. But the working condition of water chiller used in industry has large difference with the air conditioners. For example, the ordinary environmental temperature of air conditioner is 26~35íŠ, but the stable operation of water chiller requires wider range of environmental temperature, such as 10~30íŠ. For above reasons, water chiller used in industry which manufactured as the air-conditioner standard is relatively has lower reliability.

As to improve the reliability of water chiller and lower failure rate of water chiller used in industry, we revised its operation standard, adopted grand new of its inner structure and production process to make it reach the maximum working requirement in the industry. In addition, we are going to equip the water chiller in new model with a specialized controller. The new kind of controller can read operation datum directly and display them in letters which helps the user to obtain the information when machine is in operation.

The robust design, excellent performance attracted many visitorsí» attention.

Many world famous companies and local famous companies came and stopped at Anges booth, such as Tech-Long, Borche, Designer, HIPF, BISAN. A lot of inquiries had been collected during the show.

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